Top Best Pet Cameras and Surveillance Monitors Buyer Guide 2019

best-pet-cameraFeeling insecure while going to the office or shopping while leaving your precious pet behind? How about a Pet Camera attached to a WiFi which allows you to monitor your pet from outdoor using your smartphone and communicates with the dog to make sure he is safe and secure at home?

Either you own a dog or cat you need to get the best Pet Camera so that you can get peace of mind while dealing with other things making sure your pet is safe. So, a pet camera is necessary but picking the best pet monitor is a challenging task as the market is saturated with a number of brands and models offering a range of surveillance monitors ranging from expensive to inexpensive.

Then, What is the best pet camera?

By keeping this thing in mind, we have crafted this list of top ten pet cameras to help you pick your favorite model rather than spending money on those devices you are not sure about and end up wasting your money. So it’s important to know about the advantages and disadvantages of any pet camera before purchasing. Therefore, we have prepared a list of pet camera reviews to help you can make an informed decision while buying the best pet camera.

Top Best Pet Cameras For Pet (Cats & Dogs) 2019:

See this pet camera 2019 list to check out all the amazing monitors and pick the best one according to your budget.

Product Camera Overall Rating Check Price
Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera 720p Full HD 5/5 Check Price
Petzi Treat Cam 720p Full HD 5/5 Check Price
Mood EZCam Pet Monitor 720p Full HD 4.5/5 Check Price
YI Dome Camera 720p Full HD 4.5/5 Check Price
Nest-Cam-Security-Camera 1080p (High Definition) 4/5 Check Price
PetChatz-HD-Two-Way-Audio-Video-System 1280 x 720 MP 4/5 Check Price
Tenvis-HD-IP-Camera 1280 x 720 MP 4/5 Check Price
Vimtag-VT-361-Super-HD-Wi-Fi-Camera 1280 x 720 MP 4/5 Check Price
Whistle-GPS-Tracker-and-Activity-Monitor 1280 x 720 MP 4/5 Check Price

Featured Pet Cameras 2019:

Follow along with these pet camera reviews and be aware of your four-legged animals at your home.

1. Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera: Top Choice

Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet CameraIn our list of best-value pet cameras, the Pawbo ranks number one as it comes with a handful of features like dispenser treats, video streaming, laser tag with controls and other range of accessories. The reason why this is the most popular pet cam is its reasonable price and the great functionalities.

That said, Pawbo brings a high-tech camera which offers a real-time 720-pixel high definition video chat with your dog using a phone and allows to zoom at 4x. Additionally, allows you to record videos as well as taking pictures which are then stored in the smartphone. Pawbo features a nice two-way talk feature which allows you to transfer your voice to your pet and listen to your pet’s voice at the same time, or you can play some music to drag the attention of your pet towards you.

Furthermore, the inclusion of laser light makes it more fun to play with your pet using the camera’s app or set it to automatic and keep the pet engaged. What makes this pet camera more good is the treat dispenser, with this feature you can offer the treat to your pet while you are out for a longer period.

The company allows the maximum of eights users to take control of this camera, so all of your family members can check up on their friend at home and entertain them.

Overall, Pawbo offers cool features in much affordable price tag and the camera gives a real-time HD video and allows you to do broadcasting using your phone while you are on vacation, work or just out running. A laser helps to keep the pet in the sight and the treat dispenser to save pet form hunger. All of this in a decent price makes it a worthwhile investment for the amount you will spend.

  • Two-way audio streaming
  • Real-time Video streaming
  • No cons for this device


2. Petzi Treat Cam: Best Camera with Treat Dispenser

Petzi Treat Cam: Best Camera with Treat DispenserCall this a security camera or pet camera this pet device comes with a 720p wide-angle camera allows you have full HD experience with your pet in real-time. It’s similar to the Pawbo but lacks one thing compared to Pawbo and it’s the two-way communication. You can only listen to the voice of your mischievous pets but they cannot hear the sound of your voice in return.

Furthermore, Petzi offers a treat dispenser which can be controlled by a mobile app and allows you to give a small treat to your pet using your smartphone from a distance. You can take pictures of your pet, see, speak and snap but cannot listen to what your pet is saying. This can be the reason the price tag is moderate not

It’s designed in a way that you can mount it easily on the wall allowing you to have a perfect view of your pet. As it gives one-way audio so cannot record videos of pets at home. Always use the right size of treats in the treat dispenser otherwise it might create a stacking issue.

Overall, Petzi treat cam offersa number of great features similar to other top models but lacks two-way audio transmission. According to our experts, it’s not the best camera for monitoring pets. But if you just want to greet and treat then it’s a worthwhile investment for you.

  • Mobile controlled treat dispenser
  • Can be mounted on the wall for a greater view
  • One-way auto streaming
  • No recording


3. Mood EZCam Pet Monitor: Best Cheap Camera

Mood EZCam Pet MonitorThose not having deep pockets do not need to worry as we have included a 720-pixel high resulution camera in cheap price. Mood EZCam is the cheapest pet monitor in the market allowing everyone to own a camera for monitoring their pets at home.

Don’t underestimate the performance of EZCam due to the low price tag. It offers full HD video and can stay up 24/7 for live video and also features motion detection alerts which allow you to detect what your pets are up to. During the live video, it records clips triggered by motion alerts.

For video storage, you can get Zmodo Cloud subscription or use free subscription which allows you store videos for 36 hours. Similarly, EZCam offers night vision for up to 26 feet at night. Features two-way audio and the speaker is smartly designed to block out the background noise and transfer clear voice of your animals to you and yours to animals.

It’s doesn’t bring treat dispenser which is the reason for a small price tag, but compared to the features it offers in this price tag makes it one of the cheapest and best pet camera.

Overall, this best budget pet camera comes with a handful of features which can be seen inexpensive models it only lacks treat dispenser which makes this pet camera recommended for those pet parents who leave home for a short span of time.

  • Full HD Video
  • Cheap Price tag
  • 24/7 live video streaming
  • Lacks treat dispenser


4. YI Dome Camera : Best 360-Degree Cam For Monitoring

YI Dome Camera : Best 360-Degree Cam For MonitoringIf you want to have 360 view of your room to keep eye on every move of pet then you need to get this wide-angle YI Dome Camera to have complete view of your room.

Like all other cameras, this one also features 720-pixel video and can also record footage at night which can be stored in a Micro SD card which you need to buy separately to store the recorded videos. This 360-degree camera can be controlled by a mobile app and allows you to set it for your favorite positions to have a glance of the entire room using buttons.

This camera can record activity alerts of 10-second length clips. Features two-way audio allowing to communicate effectively with your pet while you are outside. The only feature it lacks is the treat dispenser which makes it a good choice for pet owners who go out for a short time span.

Overall, this camera allows you to keep an eye on your entire home and can record activity footages making one of the best of its kind pet camera.

  • 360-degree view
  • Video recording
  • High Definition Videos
  • Lacks treat dispenser


5. Nest-Cam-Security-Camera

 Nest-Cam-Security-CameraOne of the hardest things for any pet parent is to leave the furry baby home alone. Because these can be mischievous and get themselves in trouble when not monitored. That’s why every parent looks for technology to keep an eye on them. There comes a pet security camera, among all well-known brands in market the Nest Cam Security Camera, is on the peak. So, it is highly recommended to read the full nest camera review before making any decision. The Nest is a well-known brand for making security cameras for house security such as nest camera outdoor and nest camera.

Nest Security Camera Specification:

  • 1080p (high definition) video quality at 30 fps
  • Activity Zones ( With Nest Aware Subscription)
  • In-built mic and speaker
  • 130-Degree field of view when wall mounted
  • Stores 10 and 30 days of video history in the cloud ( With Nest Aware Subscription)

The Nest Cam Security Camera setup is easy, give clear video and easily integrate with other smart-home products such as Nest Protect Smoke Alarm and Nest Learning Thermostat. Some of the major features are its top-notch night vision, 1080p video quality, improved motion and sound alerts and all that features can be monitored through the nest camera app. This is the best security cam to buy.

Nest Security Camera Key Features:

  • Set up phone notifications to know your motion and sound sensors are activated
  • Excellent night vision, as one can see the entire room instead of just limited spotlight view
  • Easy and quick setup: Just download the app scan the QR code and you are all ready to go
  • Syncs with Amazon Echo device for voice control
  • Nest cam subscription

Design & Working:

Once you unbox the cam you will see the Nest Cam has a sleek design, smooth cool-grey supporting stand, and a glossy black eye lens makes one feel as if he’s being watched. All of the above the magnetic base provides stability with a pivoting leg that connected with the lens. The LED light at the top of the lens flashes blue when the camera status is connecting and stays green when the status is recording.

After unboxing, scan a QR code at bottom of nest cam iq indoor, download and install the app, now you’ll see a nest camera login and you are all set up for monitoring.

It includes 10 foot USB cord in the box the plugs in a micro USB port in the rear of the camera. This USB cord also allows you to plug it into any USB port, such as on PC or Laptop. The Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera installation is quite easy; it includes wall-mounting plate, magnetic base, and hardware which give you several in options such as: standing on a flat surface on a tripod, on the wall or even stuck on the refrigerator.

The camera is compact in size and excellently engineered stand—as well as it is wide enough to give 130-degree field view. The entire unit’s dimensions are 2.5” x 2.8” x 2.8” and stands on a leg which can rotate up to 180-degrees.

Features Of Nest Security Camera:

One of the top-notch up of the Nest cam is its excellent 1080p streaming video. Along with the wide angle, it 8x zooms it gives exceptional good picture quality. Its night vision clarity is superior to its peers.  Also, you can program different activity zones with different setting for each, to receive sound and motion alerts by Nest Cam.

It triggers very fewer false alarms e.g. shadow moving, vehicle passing, etc) than Dropcam Pro. However, without subscribing to Nest Aware you can have many benefits of this “advanced sensing”.

  • 1080p video quality
  • Easy to setup
  • Excellent night vision
  • Programmable with Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect
  • High price
  • Requires nest cam subscription on a monthly basis for extra features
  • Speaker/mic is not much powerful


6. PetChatz-HD-Two-Way-Audio-Video-System

PetChatz-HD-Two-Way-Audio-Video-SystemWhile ready different customer reviews I concluded that the majority of parents look for a best pet camera with which they can stay connected with their furry baby. So, I decided to write a review on that kind of specific product—after spending the bulk of time in research I chose PetChatz HD Two-Way Audio/Video System. It is recommended to read the full review; at the end, you’ll be thankful for its capabilities.

PetChatz HD Two-Way Audio/Video System Key Features:

  • With two-way audio/video system you and your pup can see and hear each other
  • Smartphone-connected treat dispenser gives you access from anywhere
  • It dispenses calming scent if your pet is stressing
  • A paid subscription will steam DOGTV to keep your mischievous pooch busy

This pet camera allows you to interact with your pooch when you are away. This becomes handy to check on furry baby when you are away or to get a glimpse of them when you miss them. At that point, PetChatz HD Camera comes in picture.

As mentioned above it’s a two-way camera with a microphone which allows you to interact with your pooch—it is really helpful for those parents who suffer separation anxiety. You can calm and entertain him from wherever you are, allowing him to stimulate even while alone.

This kind of camera is great for your mischievous pooch; especially if he needs visual and verbal indications to reinforce good behavior.  With the two-way system, you can give them verbal commands along with your hands so this is amazingly useful if your pup is still learning. It costs —a little expensive but that features actually worth the price.

For interaction, you can also control a treat dispenser from your phone which helps reinforcement training that you have established. Simply download the app on your phone and with a push button give him a treat and encouragement for his positive behavior, so you break at work won’t go boring and also his training won’t go interrupted.

PetChatz Two-Way Audio/Video System Specification:

  • Product Measures: 4.0” x 7.0” x 11.0”
  • Product Weight: 4.0 ounces
  • Video Streaming: Two-Way
  • Sound: Two-Way
  • Video Resolution: 720 pixels
  • Night Vision: Low light
  • Warranty: 1-Year

Features Of PetChatz HD Camera:

The PetChatz HD Camera comes with a huge list of features;

  • Check in anywhere, anytime: You can keep an eye on your pooch from anywhere in the world without going home
  • HD Camera: PetChatz HD features a low-light HD camera which allows you to see your pet clearly in low light conditions or even when the curtains are drawn. The HD camera gives video quality of 1280 x 720 MP resolutions.
  • Two-way communication: It has a video camera and microphone which allow you and your pooch to see and talk to each other with a small screen on the camera surface.
  • Call your Pet Feature: the Mobile app includes a special ringtone with which you can call your pet.
  • Dispense Treats: You can give them a treat with just one click from your phone. It is a good way to encourage them to behave positive and train them to come in the camera’s range when you call them.
  • Calming Scent: If your pet suffers separation anxiety—you can give them a spray called “PetChatz Scentz” which helps them relax.
  • Motion & Sound Sensor: The Petcahtz Camera equipped with a motion detector and sound detector which gives you alert if there is any sound or movement in the house. The sensor has 8 feet range and covers an angle of 54-degrees.
  • Web & Smartphone Access: This feature allows you to view a video on desktop or on Smartphone.
  • Pet Safe Design: It guarantees the pet safe design—which means there are no sharp edges or corners and no cord that your dog can chew.
  • Easy Installation: Installation of PetChatz unit is very easy. Just find an available outlet, turn the electric supply off from fuse, install the mounting bracket and screw it over there.  Now, you can easily mount the PetChatz HD on the mounting bracket—OR you can install it on kennel door.
  • Pet can Call You: It features a PawCall accessory with which your pet can call you when he misses you.
  • Low-level notification
  • Works as advertised
  • Flexible placement
  • Unique healthy treats
  • Not compatible with all other treats
  • Can become clogged
  • Little expensive
  • No photo feature


7. Tenvis-HD-IP-Camera

Tenvis-HD-IP-CameraAs I mentioned in my previous reviews that there are numbers of brands who are manufacturing best pet cameras, each product has its own specifications. In this article, I am reviewing a product from TENVIS. The TENVIS HD IP Camera is manufactured by a company that gains much fame and is expertise in manufacturing electronics products such as IP cameras and videos surveillance for home as well as pet security.  The TENVIS was actually founded in 2005 and it’s grown rapidly since its inception.

The TEnVIS HD IP Camera is a great product for monitoring pet—with this IP Camera you will get all your expectations to come true.

TENVIS HD IP Camera Key Features:

  • High-Resolution LCD display provides the strongest visibility
  • Exceptional night vision
  • 1280 X 720 MP resolution
  • High-tech optical lens
  • 2-years manufacturer warranty

Design Of TENVIS HD IP Camera:

This tenvis HD IP camera – wireless IP camera has a sleek and neat design. As mentioned above it has 1280 x 720-megapixel resolution coupled with a high-tech optical lens—and give minute to minute detail with clarity and Excellency. You’d thank its advance motion activated camera or real-time camera which can take brilliant images of moving objects.

Features Of TENVIS HD IP Camera:

This HD camera features 32 feet range—it offers excellent night vision with its 1280 x 720 megapixels which give a super sharp image.

The camera has an official app called iMeag Cam—the downloadable app allows you to set the motion sensor to get immediate alerts through a smart alarm. The camera sends you real-time notifications on your phone so you can monitor everything in your home such as nanny or pet, etc.

This Tenvis IP camera also features two-way audio communication that facilitates you to talk to your baby and relief them when you are not around. In case there’s an intruder who invaded your house you can give him an illusion that you are around with its distortion-free audio. In other words, this camera will help you in case of any possible potential risk. It not only gives you push notifications but also prevents tapping hours of inactivity, thus saves a lot of battery.

Another feature that attracts you most is it Smart Eyes, which gives a clear and sharp image via infrared red light, even in dark.

Setup Of TENVIS HD IP Camera:

The tenvis HD IP camera setup is quite easy just follow the instructions provided in tenvis h dip camera manual and the one-click configuration connects your camera with Wi-Fi and you are ready to go.

It supports SD card up to 128 GB—which means you can record the live feed to browse later. If it runs out of space it will automatically delete old feed to record the new one. This feature comes out handy if you have more than one pooch.

TENVIS HD IP Camera—Wireless IP Camera Specification:

  • Product Measures 4.1” x 4.1” x 5.1”
  • Product Weight 8.8 ounce
  • Excellent Night Vision Capability
  • 1280 x 720 MP Resolution
  • Smart Alarm for instant notifications
  • Stable and consistent Wi-Fi Connection
  • Two-way Audio Camera
  • Sleek and neat design
  • Easy to install with one click configuration
  • Provide both wire and wireless connection
  • Provide horizontal and vertical area coverage
  • Easy to download and install app
  • Excellent night vision, picture and video quality
  • Becomes slow in responding usually


8. Vimtag-VT-361-Super-HD-Wi-Fi-Camera

Vimtag-VT-361-Super-HD-Wi-Fi-CameraIf you love you pooch a lot and miss it every time even when you are in away—than you must look for Vimtag VT-361 Super HD Wi-Fi Camera. It has 1280 x 720 pixel HD recording, 320 x 120 degree pan, H.256 video compression and tilt functions—further it features 12 infrared LEDs for better night vision. With these specs you will not only see you pooch but you see him clearly.

Vimtag VT-361 Super HD Camera Key Features:

  • With live video streaming, motion detection, remote pan and tilt you can record your pets, doesn’t matter where they are
  • Supports Two-Way communication with built-in speaker and microphone—allowing you and your pet to talk and see each other
  • Multiple setup choices, e.g. Via QR code, Plug & Play, or WPS Button
  • Features 4x digital video zoom

Design and Setup Of Vimtag VT-361 Super HD Camera:

The Vimtag VT 361 HD Indoor WiFi Security Camera is compact and made of rubber type material. The Silver/Black Spherical head has Vimtag logo printed on the exterior. There is some indicating light at the bottom of the camera to indicate whether the camera is connected or not and at the right of the camera there is a speaker through which your pooch can hear your voice.

On the back, you’ll find two ports: one for internet cable connection and other for connecting it with alarm. It supports 32 GB SD Card—which means you can record your favorite moments.

The camera setup is quite easy and simple. For the very first time, you have to connect the camera with your router if the connection becomes successful the flash at the bottom will flash green 3 times. Once everything connects perfectly the red connection light becomes blue and then you can place your camera anywhere in the house you want to.

Field of View:

As above mentioned, the 320-degree x 120-degree tilting facility is one of the most important aspects of the Vimtag VT-361 Super HD Wi-Fi security camera—it enables you to tilt the camera to view the entire room according to your preference. Another reliable aspect is that it can be controlled through Smartphone—you can tilt the camera 320-degree left or right and 120-degree up or down.

Motion Detection:

The Vimtag VT-361 HD Security camera has the ability to take snapshot and recording of anything that comes within the view when alarm option is activated and the motion sensor gets triggered. The alarm option is quite flexible—you can choose when you want to activate and when you want to turn the camera off. You can simply put the alarm option on when you are away from home and track if anything captured in the camera via your Smartphone.


In the industry, this camera is well reputed for its stunning HD video quality 1280 x 720p at 25 fps ensuring the crystal clear imaging. With 3.6mm lens it zooms video up to 4x.

WiFi Capability:

The Vintage VT-361 comes with 3dbi antenna which gives extremely reliable wifi connection—which means without the hassle of cable mess it can connect to the base network at home.

Night Vision:

This indoor security camera gives you excellent picture and video quality, not the day but in the night as well. It is equipped with 12 infrared LEDs which covers distance about 10 meters and allow the camera to take stunning images even in the complete darkness.

Smartphone App:

Majority functions of the camera can be set up using MIPC app—you can install it on your tab, phone or PC. The main page displays all installed camera and the number of snapshots that it capture for each camera. The most impressive feature is that the camera can be controlled directly through the App.

Remote Live Video Streaming:

This Indoor security camera has another reliable feature called Remote Live Video Streaming—which allow you to access all the recorded videos and captured images remotely through an app from anywhere in the world.


  • Sleek and compact design
  • User-friendly Smartphone app
  • Excellent sound and video quality
  • Night vision
  • Affordable price
  • None


9. Whistle-GPS-Tracker-and-Activity-Monitor

Whistle-GPS-Tracker-and-Activity-MonitorYou need more than just a camera if your dog is little more mischievous, because a camera just gives a picture for security but what if you get himself in worse condition? So, there comes another product what people called an Activity Monitor. I have spent lot of time for collecting data to write a review about this. In this article I am reviewing Whistle GPS Tracker and Activity Monitor—Lets get started..!!

The Whistle GPS Tracker is more than just an activity monitor, it a complete system that communicates by implementing a central Communication Hub and tells anyone who is taking care of your dog that where your furry friend is.

Whistle GPS Tracker and Activity Monitor Key Features:

  • Encourage for Healthy Activities: To ensure activity level, based on dog’s needs excellently coordinate with care-taker and dog walker
  • GPS tracker locate your dog in case he gets lost
  • Automatic updates give you consistent report about your dog
  • Compatible with IOS and Android smartphones enabled with Bluetooth 4.0

The GPS tracker is really handy if you little furry friend is a runner. For GPS you have to pay a monthly subscription fee and you’ll get access to him no matter where he goes in the U.S. That GPS tracker gives you real-time push notifications as soon as he left his safe zone.

Design Of Whistle GPS Tracker:

In comparison with original Tagg the Whistle Activity Monitor is slightly bigger:

  • Product measuring: 1.3” x 4.2” x 0.8”
  • Product weight: 1.3 ounces

With its arc like design, it fits quite well on majority dog collars—in comparison with cylindrical Pod 2 it sits flatter. It is huge for the small-sized breed and medium-sized breed as well. The upper housing surface is made of polished metal with “whistle” logo in the center and a whole for a flashlight that indicates the battery status (four flashes indicate it’s fully charged). There are two buttons on side one is power button to on and off it completely—and the other one is a snooze button that turns the notifications off for 15 minutes.

Features Of Whistle GPS Tracker:

The GPS tracker attaches to your dog collar with a rubber strap or a plastic clip and it can easily slide out of the clip—and you can place it on charging station when needed. You would definitely appreciate the function of a base that it connects with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to communicate with Whistle and your smartphone or the internet. The base includes a short-range radio that facilitates communication with the device and provides up to 150-200 feet circular zone (or whistle zone). After every 12 minutes, the system checks whether your dog is in the zone or not.


Pet Camera Buying Guide

While choosing the best wifi pet video camera you need to consider few things that comes along with the dog cam. The first one the camera resolution, make sure you get high-quality resolution. Second is communication, is the monitoring camera smart enough to allow two-way communication in order to listen to your pet and makes him listen to your voice.

If you want an interactive pet monitoring camera to watch dogs then these are the important features that a doggie surveillance system should have to express your feelings best in front of your animal either it’s dog or cat. Call them spy webcam or nanny cam these smart doorbell cameras can watch your pet while at work and many cameras feature a laser to get baby dog attention which you can control from other end using iPhone with a wireless connection.

So either get an indoor or outdoor pet-cam for your doggy for watching them in your absence even at night because some best pet cameras have night vision feature that makes them visible in the night too. That said, from our wifi dog collar camera list get the best-value inexpensive or expensive web-cam depending upon your budget and the features you want. Because at the end you might get the most popular dog camera which can be controlled through a smartphone or a remote.